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Everything is Love

Cori and Justin at West Rock Park, New Haven CT

I absolutely love taking photos of couples - whether it's an engagement, anniversary, or just because session. There's something sacred about being invited to witness and document so many unique expressions of love.

Chelsea and Dylan at Paradise Hills Vineyard, Wallingford CT

Being in front of the camera can definitely feel vulnerable, especially when we're highlighting one of your most intimate and important relationships. However, there are a few steps we can take to set ourselves up for a smooth session, and stunning photos.

Justin and Cori at West Rock Park, New Haven CT

There are two big questions that come up when planning couple sessions - wardrobe and location. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming planning because the options are truly endless. This is both the beauty and challenge of the creative process. Some people have a specific vision of what they want immediately, and that's awesome. I absolutely love being able to bring a specific idea to life. But if that's not you - don't worry! I've got you.

Eric and Lea in Wallingford, CT

The question behind the questions of "what do we wear" and "what's our location" is really "how do we make our photo session special?" and the answer to THAT question is actually much easier. Your photo session will be special because you and your person are special. Your relationship is special. So take a deep breath - the only thing you have to really know going into your session is yourselves. When people ask me "What should I wear?" I ask them "What do you feel confident wearing?" "What makes you feel most like yourself?"

Mike and Pam in Boston, MA

When people ask me "where should we take photos?" I ask them "what places are special to you as a couple?" Of course I have a list of favorite spots local to me as well. I'm happy to make suggestions for those coming in from out of town, or who don't have a favorite place for trysts. But really, these aren't questions about photos, these are questions about you.

Drew and Mae at Silver Sands Beach, Milford CT

So don't let the overwhelm keep you from taking photos you'll cherish forever. Your session is sure to be as special as your connection. Looking for more information? You can find my rates and availability here. I can't wait to hear from you!

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