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And it’s not the subscription box version. Dear Sister is the essential care package from your best friend who knows if you need  something sweet or salty.  She knows whether to send red wine or white. And she knows if you really need a fuzzy robe or a pack of tucks.  She is not too precious for your deepest trauma or most depleting day. Dear Sister details my history of growing up in conservative Christian communities.  Coming home to ourselves is always a journey, and Dear Sister shares mine. I have found healing and confirmation of my identity and autonomy in therapy and in the Bible. Both Nichole Nordeman and Lizzo sing the songs of my soul. Dear Sister  is a letter to all womankind about claiming identity, worthiness, and calling.  It's an invitation to build authentic, wholehearted sisterhoods and communities.

dear sister is a paper and ink care package for women...

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Known Live Interview

Join me and Barb Nangle of KNOWN Coworking for a discussion on why I wrote "Dear Sister". Catch some excerpts and Barbs' favorite quotes from the book, as well as discussion on our need to be "good and right", perfectionism, how patriarchy harms men, and what inner child work and reclamation can look like.


You die a little inside every time you show up to something because you think you should, not because you want to
You have a hard time believing you are worthy of love on your worst day
You spend your life doing for others, but feel unseen, unacknowledged, and unappreciated
You feel unsupported
You wish you had more female friendships but feel too burned out to build them
You're a perfectionist
You have a complicated relationship with faith


"Dear Sister is the first book of the year that I am currently reading, and so far it is amazing.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it yourself!"

— Cindy N.


Dear Sister is about our collective and individual experiences as women. I'm honored to include excerpts from interviews with five women who embody diverse personal and faith experiences. They are leaders in their respective communities who continue to show me that we are strongest together.  We discuss mental health, healing from trauma, the good, bad, and ugly in church communities, and how we've found healing through sisterhood. I'm not pretending that the journeys of five women embody the full breadth of feminine experience, but we can start the conversation.  It's my hope and prayer that you'll join us. 

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