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Present Portraits

 is a container to have your messiest and deepest self witnessed and documented with consent and compassion. In this workshop professional photographer Megan Wooding & art therapist Wednesdae Reim Ifrach, will guide you through learning to be more present in your body, grieve all the ideas of what you felt your body should be, and learn to have sacred witnessing for your body and others.

Over 3 hours you will be brought together with your Present Portrait community, set intentions for the workshop, and engage in some grounding exercises. Participants will take turns creatively engaging in having their portraits taken, journaling, and card reading. Participants will have support when being witnessed or in the body is hard. With therapeutic support you will walk away with beautiful professional portraits and a new way to experience your bodies.

If you'd like to read more about the origins of the workshop click here.


Thouhgts from participants


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