Hello! I'm Megan.  I'm a writer, photographer, and creator from Wallingford CT. I show women who have spent their lives feeling like they're not enough, unworthy, and burnt out, how to reclaim the person they were meant to be.

I was the "Little House on the Prairie" version of homeschooled. I longed to be invisible, but learned I really needed to be seen. I've fought for every ounce of personal agency and independence, while learning I still need community.

Creating spaces of sisterhood is a sacred task. When we heal ourselves we heal each other, and when we heal each other we heal our world. We hold this possibility within us. One of my favorite authors and speakers, Jo Saxton, says that leadership is "being intentional with our influence." This is what I bring to my work. I bring intention and action.

Our ethics determine our actions, and I want to share my ethical blueprint with you. This underpins every interaction I have and decision I make.

I promise to never use shame or scarcity as sales tools.

I will never exploit your trauma for a buck or a hundred.

I will pass the mic to other powerful women.

I will ask for what I need, and what I believe this community needs.

I will show up and give freely within my boundaries.

I will not bend to hustle culture.

I will call out harmful systems whether they're social, religious, or both.

I will be open to being called in and shown how to do better.

I will stay in my lane.

I will create safe and brave spaces of sisterhood for all women.


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