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Creating for your Inner Child

I talk to a lot of people who feel creative energy moving, but don't know what to make. They want to start something, but don't know what to start. Many folks get stuck in this space of indecision, and I have two suggestions:

First; make SOMETHING. Just start creating something. Anything. Start nurturing your connection with your inner creative, and eventually you will know what you need to make in your bones.

Second; If you're really stumped, ask your inner child. Okay that might sound a little vague, but really, what did you love doing as a kid? What did you always want to try as a kid? If we go a layer deeper, we can ask questions like; what would have made a difference for you as a kid during your hardest times?

Our most potent and healing art comes from deep within us, and I believe that when we're not sure of our path, our inner child can often guide us. So often we forget how to play. We get busy with work, family, and property upkeep. This isn't just about being Peter Pan, it's about realizing that our inner child holds deep intuitive knowledge of our truest and sometimes our most free selves.

If you can't readily find your inner child, maybe a game of hide and go seek is in order. Seek them out in the places you remember - mine is always hiding in hay fields, blackberry brambles, and art supply stores. I can coax her out by I french braiding my hair, or listening to 90s country. My inner child loves mac 'n cheese, and lucky charms. Go to those places your inner child might be hiding, lure them out with their favorite food. Play the songs they love, and invite them to create something magical with you.

Sometimes we are the only ones who can go back and give our inner child what they really needed. Usually we aren't the only ones who actually need that thing, which makes our creative work a vital connection point for community. Your inner child may just lead you to not only your creativity, but your people.

As wonderful as all this may sound, pursuing your inner child may not be all Saturday morning cartoons. There can be reasons we become disconnected from our inner children beyond the frenetic pace of our adult world. I can't begin to list all the possibilities of what you may find on your path home to your child self, but I still think it's a worthwhile expedition.

So much of what I do is for the 10-15 year old version of myself. Putting these words and this work in the world honors the frustration and isolation that earmarked my pre-teens and teens. It tells my child and teen selves that they, and others like them are worth this effort and work. They, and others like them are worth building healing and collaborative spaces for. They and others like them deserve to grow up knowing they belong to themselves first.

Heck, WE deserve these things, we and the 8, 10, 15, 25 year old versions of ourselves.

So for me, and for 12 year old me and you, make that art.

Let's heal the world just a little more.

We got this.

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