Dear Sister E-book

Dear Sister E-book

Dear Sister,

I see you. I really see you. Many of us have a hard time believing we’re enough. We spend our lives doing for others but feel unseen, unsupported, and unappreciated. We wish for deeper, more meaningful relationships with other women but feel too burned out to build them; we yearn for autonomy in a world that often seems to deny it.


I have found healing and affirmation of my identity and autonomy through both therapy and Christian faith. Still, I recognize Christianity as a powerful social construct that has often been used for harm instead of healing. I share with you my journey and the stories of my sisters through candid interviews that give voice to our collective struggles and triumphs. Join us as we come together to reclaim our sisterhood by finding ourselves and each other. 


This open letter to all womankind encourages personal reclamation of identity and worthiness by releasing shame, scarcity, and patriarchy.  It is my hope and prayer that my story and those of my sisters embolden you to join us in building safe and brave communities for women everywhere. 


With Love,



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