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Robert Frost says that "Good fences make good neighbors" and in the spirit of that quote, here are the details to our agreement for the Present Portraits Workshop.


By signing this agreement, I signify that I understand I will receive a link to my full resolution photo downloads that will be delivered via an online gallery. These photos will be delivered no later than 14 days after the workshop. I agree that Megan Elisabeth Photography may use photos taken of me for promoting her work and future workshops either in print or online.

If there are images that I specifically would not like shared, I will notify Megan within 3 days of receiving my album which photos I would like to remain private.

Both Wednesdae Reim Ifrach C/O Rainbow Recovery & Megan Wooding C/O Megan Elisabeth Photography are not legally liable for any issues that arise as a result of the Present Portraits Workshop. While Wednesdae Reim Ifrach is a therapist in the community they are not working as a therapist at this event and cannot be legally or ethically liable for any emotions that come up as a result of this workshop.

General Information. This consent is a legally binding agreement to participate in this workshop, and I agree that all parties involved will not be held liable for any situation or emotions that arise.

Feel free to discuss any of this with the event hosts. Please read and indicate that you have reviewed this information and agree to it by signing this agreement.

Confidentiality. Any personal workshop content and all relevant materials will be held confidential unless there is a request in writing to have content released to a specifically named person/persons. Limitations of held privilege of confidentiality exist and are itemized below:

1. If anyone threatens or attempts to commit suicide or otherwise conducts themself in a manner in which there is a substantial risk of incurring serious bodily harm.2. If anyone threatens grave bodily harm or death to another person.3. If there is reasonable suspicion that a client or other named victim is the perpetrator, observer of, or actual victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children under the age of 18 years.4. Suspicions as stated above in the case of an elderly person who may be subjectedt o these abuses.5. Suspected neglect of the parties named in items #3 and # 4.6. If a court of law issues a legitimate subpoena for information stated on the subpoena.

Confines Of the Workshop. By signing this you are agreeing to and understand that this workshop does not constitute therapy, coaching or any form of mental health care. This workshop is intended to lift up people who want a deeper connection to body image, create community and engage in a creative process. We sincerely hope you learn and

grow from this experience and walk away with photos that are meaningful for you.

By signing this you are agreeing that the photos being taken are art and art is subjective and you therefore may not always like what you see or understand it.​

Artistic Rights. The Photographer retains the right of discretion in selecting the photographic materials released to the client.


Archive. After three (3) months, all ordered images may be purged from Megan's hard drive, and online galleries may be deleted to make space for additional work. (except as needed for promotional purposes) which are determined at Megan's sole discretion. Megan Wooding / Megan Elisabeth Photography is not responsible for loss or damage to the digital files due to circumstances beyond photographer’s control. All photos not ordered will be deleted to make room.

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