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Embodied Sisterhood Photo Workshop: Welcome
Embodied Sisterhood Photo Workshop: Quote

An acid test, especially as women, for body positivity is how we feel about being photographed.

There is no societal standard and expectation that is foisted on us more intensely than how we should look in photos.


Happy. Carefree. Fulfilled. Perfect. Demure.




There are courses and articles on what to do to look your best for photo shoots.

Suggestions on posing in “flattering” ways.

Depending how personal a photo session is, we diet, tan, pinch and primp ourselves away to nothingness in preparation.  


There’s nothing wrong with posing in a way that makes you feel like yourself, that presents you in a way you want to be remembered.


That said, why does this always mean looking as small as possible?


There is nowhere I’ve found that we try to shrink more than in photos.


I have been unwinding harmful social narratives for a while now.

First for myself, and then, joining others.

Joining sisterhood.

I’ve learned something fundamental about healing emotional and societal trauma.


We can’t just think our way out of it


We can’t just talk our way out of it


We have to come together, and actively, physically, claim our healing in tactile ways.


Communal healing is the most powerful restoration I have experienced.

There is something sacred about women coming together to reclaim their identities and autonomy.


This project has grown out of years of my own healing, my experience as an empath,  and my love of giving women photos that remind them who they really are. 


My challenge to you, is to join me for a photo session, where you reclaim all the space that you’ve ever relinquished in photos.  All the photos where you hid behind a friend or family member. All the photos you ducked out of. All the photos where you worked the perfect angle to highlight your jawline and waist.


But don’t just join me.  Join US.

Can’t wait to claim this space with you.

Embodied Sisterhood Photo Workshop: Work
Embodied Sisterhood Photo Workshop: Quote
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