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"This book is an apology to all the women I missed out on, when I thought connection made me weak. It's a "Thank You" to women who have been guiding forces in my life, and who are already sisters in arms. It's an invitation to connection and personal reclamation."

Megan Wooding

Excerpt from the introduction to "Dear Sister" nonfiction book due 12/19


Meet The Backers

The 100+ People who brought "Dear Sister" to life

I am self publishing my book, Dear Sister, through Make Your Mark Publishing Solutions. Monique Mensah has been turning manuscripts into masterpieces for over a decade and I am thrilled to be working with her. I chose the self publishing path because it allows me to retain complete creative control, and spread the message of Dear Sister.  Self publishing means I am financially responsible for the professional editing, typesetting, and cover design of Dear Sister.  In August of 2019, I hosted a Kickstarter campaign to fund the self publishing process, and over 100 amazing humans showed up in big ways. You can read more about the community bringing you Dear Sister below.


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